Space heaters: Are they Safe Enough for your Household?

types of space heaters

Different types of space heaters for different spacesIf you were to look online for any kind of news regarding fires, chances are you probably would come across apartment fires caused by space heaters during winter. These details go hand in hand. Generally speaking, people throughout the United States only need space heaters in the middle of harsh winters. 

After all, if you’re not struggling with bone-chilling cold, there’s probably no need to use a space heater. You probably would do well just stretching a blanket and cuddling underneath. You’re good to go. Your accumulated body temperature under the sheets should be enough to keep you warm. 

Well, not in winter. This is why space heaters are very popular. 

The great thing about the best space heaters is that they heat up through convection and heat radiation processes at specific areas that you want to heat, namely, near your foot or your head a comfortable distance away from your bed. That’s pretty much it. 

They’re also very portable because you don’t have to install a room heater or a generalized one like an electric garage heater. This can be a costly proposition. Not only do you need to buy a specialized piece heating equipment, but you also have to hire somebody who has the technical skills as well as local certification to install such a device safely. 

Sometimes, the city even needs to inspect because remember, this device uses gas. There might be severe fire issues if the device is improperly installed. So there’s a lot of complexity involved in installing a room heater. It’s not something that you undertake lightly. 

You have to get access to the right people, you have to spend on the equipment itself, and also, you’re going to have to pay quite a bit of money on your monthly gas bill. 

A lot of renters living in apartments throughout the United States, especially in densely packed cities, think twice about the traditional heater systems. This is why when they move into an apartment, the typical renter would be relieved if the room heater was already installed. 

In many cases, a lot of these units were installed many decades ago. They look like antiques, but they deliver more than warmth. But if you were to choose between having to put one in yourself and pay for the cost, chances are if you’re a typical renter, you probably wouldn’t be too thrilled. You probably would opt for something else. 

how to pick a space heater
Pick a space heater meant for the type of room

No one can blame you for that because, as I explained above, room heaters can be a handful when it comes to selection, fitting, installation, maintenance—you name it. It’s no surprise then, given all these considerations, that space heaters are quite popular in the United States. 

But here’s the problem. If you pick the wrong model with the wrong design, and you use it the wrong way, you’re putting your life in your hands. I would go one step further. I would say that you are rolling dice with your life. 

If you have a family, you are gambling with the lives of your significant other and your children. That’s how bad things can be, and you only need to look at the news of space heaters, causing all sorts of fires to see why it could be a problem. In fact, a lot of apartment fires involving a lot of families in the United States can often be traced to space heaters. 

Now, here’s the problem. If you buy from the right manufacturer, your risk of setting off a fire goes down quite a bit because well-designed space heaters from well-respected international brands dramatically reduce the risk of overheating, sporadic heating, and other heater-related issues that lead to fires. This is fantastic news. 

But unfortunately, even if you buy the right brand, you’re not out of the woods yet. You have to use the device the right way. You have to use space heaters the way they’re intended to be used. And this is what causes most of the problems, believe it or not. 

Nine times out of ten, the space heater that was involved in a fire wasn’t designed imperfectly or didn’t suffer from any kind of defect. It did its job. The problem was it was used in the wrong way. You may neeed the proper tools for safe installation, so be sure to refer to our guide on best drill bits for the job.

Usually, when people end up in space heater fires, it’s because they put the space heater near the part of the bed where loose fibers might come into contact with it. And these fibers, it turns out, are combustible. Do you see what’s wrong in this situation? 

So, it’s an excellent idea to select the right space heater and adopt fire prevention and safety practices, so you don’t end up jeopardizing the lives of your loved ones. This is terrible news. So what do you do?

Look for Safety Features

One key factor that you should look for involves safety features designed into the space heater. For example, if it detects a certain amount of heat, it would automatically shut off. Another safety feature involves the way it radiates heat out. So, sometimes it’s designed in such a way that fiber doesn’t come in. 

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Factor in Room Size and your Actual Heat Needs

Another reason why space heaters cause fires throughout the United States from time to time is that the owner of the space ended up buying a heater that is just too strong. They didn’t factor in the room size. 

On the other hand, some tenants would buy heaters that are not up to the job, so they purchase several space heaters, and this too can function like safety hazards. 

So, by paying close attention to the room size and picking the right product that would adequately heat that interior space, you go a long way in ensuring the maximum safety of yourself, as well as your loved ones.