safely mounted wall heaterIf you’re looking to buy a heater this season it’s best you know the proper space heater safety measures you need to take. While the best garage heater is a great way to stay warm – energy efficient, powerful (more-so than regular space heaters), even heat distribution, quiet – need I say more?

Though as with anything producing heat, you have to make sure that these heaters are running smoothly. Most heaters come with great extra features to make safety a no-brainer; thermostats, multiple fan options, remotes, overheat protection, etc…

The danger here is when you don’t follow proper usage guidelines. While most often these guidelines are clearly stated in your heaters instructions, I’m going to re-iterate the basics here for you to make sure you and others stay safe this season.

Common Accidents

portable indrared heaterA garage heater is often the most common way to beat the chill, but remember to use caution when operating these heaters. Electric garage heaters are easy to forget about as they usually run pretty quiet and there’s no dangerous gas being emitted.

Remember to turn the heat down when you’re not looking to heat a space rapidly. While most have overheat controls, you will need to make sure you either have this feature or turn down the heaters temperature.

Naturally, heat can cause fires. Keep the surrounding area clutter free. This is especially important for any sort of garage workshop. No papers, debris, materials should be close to touching the heater. A ceiling mounted shop heater is an easy way to avoid this all together.