Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater Review: The Most Popular Portable Electric Heater

Dr Infrared has made quite the name for itself in the heating industry. Made in the USA, this Dr infrared portable space heater has emerged the most popular electric space heater on the market today.

At 1500 watts it’s able to heat up to 1000 square feet. This may seem unbelievable, as most other 1500 watt heats are meant for 200 square feet space, but this heater packs a punch utilizing an advanced dual heating system. This dual heat system increases the transfer rate, which heats an area fast and more evenly than other electric garage heaters.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt
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Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt
  • Can heat up a large room with Auto Energy Saving Model With High and Low Feature. Tip-over protection and...
  • Dual Heating Systems featuring infrared quartz tube + PTC with 12hr automatic shut-off timer

Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater Review

This unit is extremely popular due to its design and safety features. First off, you may have noticed it doesn’t look like an industrial metal box. This might not matter for most, but if you ever want to use the heater in another area of your house (bedroom, patio, living room) you might want to consider a design such as this instead. If you check the dr infrared portable space heater reviews of this model on popular e-commerce sites you’ll find it’s overall very highly rated.


portable infrared heaterIt has one of the highest safety ratings in Canada and the USA, making it one of the top electric garage heaters you can get. The unit itself never gets too hot so it’s safe to have around small children or pets. I would still advice caution around small children, but there’s no exposed heating elements to touch, making it a great choice for the garage and the whole house.

Couple that with the overheat cut-off (if the internal parts of the unit ever get to hot it shuts off) and the Tip over auto-shut off (if the unit falls during the night or tips over it shuts off) this is one of the safest shop heaters you can get.


It is also classified as a portable unit, but it’s really only as portable as long as there’s an outlet nearby. You could go the extension chord route, but if you’re planning on working outside more you may want to opt for the best propane or natural gas garage heater. It’s fairly light weight and only takes up a small amount of room, so if you wanted to switch rooms or even store it in your vehicle that would be no problem.


The company itself is very large – it’s actually the same company that manufacturers garage heaters for Sears and Home Depot, so you can rest assured they’ve been around for a while making quality products. They offer a 3 year warranty on this particular model, 2 years more than the industry average. Generally products that offer such a long warranty are better quality as the company truly stands behind the make of their product.


This heater is extremely quite, utilizing a low noise blower. It also is very efficient in terms of heat production and affordability. Being an infrared heater this unit actually heats up the objects and people using heat rays rather than just heating up the air using forced air.

The heater comes with a remote too! Boasting an 80,000 hour lifespan you’re not going to need another heater for a while.

dr infrared portable space heater


Overall this is definitely one of the top electric garage heaters money can buy. It’s incredibly efficient (which saves you money too!), portable, quiet, looks great for any room in the house, and most importantly, it’s affordable! When compared to other electric heaters this comes in near the low area of pricing and it’s well worth it. The price fluctuates a bit, so I highly recommend checking out the current price for a more accurate price