Hello Everyone,

I’m Chuck Edwards, creator of the Tool.Guide website. Thanks very much for stopping by and using this site as your go to for DIY project ideas and the best tool reviews. I’ve learned many things during my time spent as a carpenter and woodworking hobbyist. More often then not I learned what not to do!

I don’t always write these guides and reviews myself, but I always overlook them to make sure they’re up to par and have correct information. Myself or my partners write them, so expect qualified information you can rely on. The criteria I use for products is generally quality and budget, however it varies slightly review to review.

About Me

I generally stick to smaller woodworking projects these days, but I have the itch to do my own DIY renos once in a while. My professional days are over (most of the time!), so now I spend time delving into my own personal tool projects and writing guides for others.

Contact Me

If you’re looking to contact me for questions or general information, or business purposes, please e-mail me using ‘ Chuck  Edwards   (at) tool.guide.com​ ‘ (be sure to remove spaces in the address, and use the @ sign – this is to cut down on spam. Thanks for understanding!)