15 Best Drill bits for Metal and Wood (Reviews & Buying guide 2021)

Those who have never drilled into wood or metal probably don’t realize having the right drill bit matters. Drilling hardened steel without the best drill bits for the job is near impossible. Realistically, drilling any material – soft wood, steel, concrete – all require the correct drill bits, and without them you’re wasting time and reducing your power tools lifespan.

If you’re wondering which drill bit you should buy, check out my drill bit reviews below. They cover everything from the best masonry drill bits to the best drill bits for steel. If you’re just getting started and not sure which bits for drilling you need, read our guide and comparison chart below and you’ll be ready to start drilling in no time!

Best Drill Bits Reviews (Updated List)

1. Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Professionals – Irwin Tools

The Irwin Tools 29-piece metal index set is the top choice for a professional use cobalt bit set, and for good reason.


If you’re looking to buy a drill set for professional use, you’re going to want to consider the cobalt bit set from Irwin tools. It’s really tough to beat this bit set when comparing price to quality. While it’s slightly more expensive then most, this high-speed steel drill bit set makes up for it with it’s longevity. This means it will outlast those cheaper sets and be the best bang for your buck in the long run.

cobalt bits

Cheaper quality bits will heat up quickly when they drill into hard surfaces such as metal. Irwin tools offers superior heat resistance by constructing their steel bit set with 5 percent M-35 cobalt alloy. What does this mean? Well it’s a superior professional grade construction that gives it a higher heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Because it’s high-speed cobalt steel, the cutting edge will have a much longer life, and even after being resharpened will keep it’s edge.

They’re incredibly strong and heat resistant.

These drill bits have 135-degree split tip points, so heavy-duty metal drilling is possible, hardened steel included. The split tip points allow for easy metal drilling. The best part is the cobalt bit set is in increments of 1/64 inches, so essentially will cover any hole size you’re looking to make.

2. Best Drill Bits for Wood – Dewalt DW1361

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361)
19,224 Reviews
DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361)
  • DEWALT drill bit set has connectable accessory storage system to optimize storage space
  • Patented bit-bar design of the drill bits set allows easy removal of bits and customizable placement

Dewalt titanium pilot point bit set

The Dewalt DW1361 titanium pilot point 21-Piece wood drill bit set takes the top spot for wood drilling.

Dewalt is one of the most trusted household names when it comes to drilling and for good reason. The Dewalt DW1361 titanium bit set is the best bits for wood available. This set in particular is one of the most highly reviewed and longest lasting sets available. Ranging from 1/16th to 1/2 an inch, these bits can be used for almost all your common projects. While they excel as wood drill bits, they can also do well with PVC pipes and some metal drilling.

If you use this set primarily for wood, you’ll find their titanium coating and titanium pilot points will keep them sharp and capable for a loooong time. They have higher durability over regular bits and have tapered webs to reduce breakage and increase strength. If the majority of your work will be with wood, this are easily the best wood drill bits available.

If you’re drilling wood, this set will have a very long lifespan.

3. Best 100-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set – VonHaus

VonHaus 100 Piece Home Repair Tool Set - General Household Hand Tool Kit with Ratchet Wrench,...
149 Reviews
VonHaus 100 Piece Home Repair Tool Set - General Household Hand Tool Kit with Ratchet Wrench,...
  • COMPREHENSIVE KIT: contains the most commonly used household tools to help you take on a variety of tasks -...
  • SET COMPRISES: 1 X 13oz Claw hammer, 1 X Utility knife, 1 X 9” Torpedo level, 1 X 6” Longnose pliers, 1 X...

VonHause Repair Tool SetVonHaus 100-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set with Titanium Coated HSS Bits and Storage Case for Drilling Metal, Wood, Masonry and Plastic

Let’s be real, if you’ve ever done a lot of drilling you know you’re going to need a serious kit with a lot of drill bits. The VonHaus 100-piece bit set is going to cover you in almost every situation you can think of and more. This set offers much more than just a lot of bits, it has an insanely high quality too. These are HSS titanium coated bits and have metal, wood, masonry and plastic drill bits.  So if you’re going to be drilling various materials you’ll probably want an all-in-one drill and drive kit like this one.

General Household Hand Tool Kit

They’re color coded and organized in an easy storage case and range from 1/16 to 3/4 of an inch. There’s so much greatness included in this kit it’s best to just check the current price below and take a look for yourself.


4. Best Drill Bits for Steel and Metal – Drill America

Drill America’s 29 Piece Cobalt Steel kit is the best drill bits set for hardened steel, nickel alloy, and the type of material that regular bits just won’t do. This set is lubricated by it’s gold oxide finish, adding great wear resistance to the set. Along with the cobalt steel construction, this set will have a much longer tool life when compared to your typical high-speed steel drill bits, especially when drilling hard materials.

The bits have a 135-degree self-centering split point, allowing it to penetrate hard materials easily without the need for a pilot hole. This also helps produce smaller chips that in turn reduce clogging. They offer great heat resistance while drilling metal, a big reason why I consider them superior for metal drilling.

One under-rated small feature is the circular plastic case. Attach it to your belt and easily carry it around any job site.


5. Best Drill Bit Set for Concrete – Dewalt DW5207

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion, Concrete & Block, 7-Piece (DW5207)
6,254 Reviews
DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion, Concrete & Block, 7-Piece (DW5207)
  • 2 cutter carbide tip of masonry drill bit set maximizes carbide surface contact for longer bit life.
  • Four flute design cleans debris out for fast, efficient drilling

Dewalt Masonry Bit SetThe Dewalt DW5207 is a premium 7-piece percussion masonry drill bit set. You’re regular drill bits definitely won’t hold up to concrete drilling and masonry. These specific materials and drilling will require some specific masonry sets, like the bits you’ll get in the Dewalt DW5207 kit. These are the best masonry drill bits for concrete, strong enough and shapely enough for quick penetration, leaving the holes clean and precise.

This is the second Dewalt pick in our list, namely because Dewalt is so consistent with their build quality and price. This set in particular is made for drilling concrete, masonry, and other various block material without breakage (both the bits and the materials drilled). Judging by various other reviews, these bits are high quality and have survived a long time when being put to rugged use.

7 rock solid pieces are included to drill various masonry materials.

Every piece in this 7-piece set is meant for masonry or concrete drilling and is constructed with rock carbide tips. Any hammer drill (electric or cordless drills) will work incredibly well with this set, as sizes range from 3/16 to a 1/2 inch.


6. Best Titanium Drill Bit Set – Bosch TI18

Bosch TI18 18-Piece Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set with Plastic Case
333 Reviews
Bosch TI18 18-Piece Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set with Plastic Case
  • Super-hard titanium coating lasts up to six times longer than high-speed steel
  • Self-starting point starts on contact

Bosch Titanium twist bitsThis 18-piece Bosch TI18 titanium set is features a (surprise!) super hard titanium build. This makes them last way longer (up to 6 times longer) than your typical steel bit.

Bosch Titanium bits penetrate 3x faster than regular steel. You heard that right. These Bosch bits penetrate up to 3 times faster. Over time that’s a serious amount of time saved in your drilling. Why are titanium drill bits faster? They’re faster because of their helix design. Faster penetration also means more work per battery charge, and in the long term means more work out of your drills lifespan.

Is the Bosch Titanium Set for Drilling Specific Material?

Bosch TwistYes and no. They’re general use bits, so no concrete or super hard metal (hardened steel) recommended. The product recommends using these for sheet metal, ducts, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, plexiglass, wood, veneers, vinyl siding, plasterboard, PVC, stainless steel and cast iron if you’re looking to have them last 6 times longer than typical steel bits.


7. Best Electronic Repair Screw-driving Set – Tekton

TEKTON Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set (135-Piece) | 2841
1,629 Reviews
TEKTON Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set (135-Piece) | 2841
  • Includes 10-pc. slotted bits: 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16 in.; 1-pc. #0 Phillips...
  • Complete collection of drive types and sizes for any project – construction, repairs, installation, and...

tekton everybit electronic repair kitNot ever job has to be a huge undertaking with the best and hardest possible power tools. When you need quick home repairs or smaller electronic fixes the Tekton 2841 Electronic Repair Kit is your go to.  With a high quality build at an affordable cost, it’s a must have back up for every home or electronic repair business.

security bit setYou’ll have to problem fixing what you need with this massive set. 100 screwdriver bits and over 20 precision bits are included. Throw on a non-slip grip ratcheting screwdriver with a ton of drive positions and you have yourself the best general fix-it screwdriver kit around.

With 135-pieces, the Tekton 2841 has every bit for every project.

8. Best Carbide-tip Hammer Drill Bits – Bosch Blue Granite

Bosch HCBG500 5 Piece BlueGranite Carbide Hammer Drill Bit Starter Set
61 Reviews
Bosch HCBG500 5 Piece BlueGranite Carbide Hammer Drill Bit Starter Set
  • For fast impact drilling in concrete, stone and masonry
  • Diamond-ground carbide tip offers precise starts in tile and hard stone

Bosch Granite Carbide Hammer Drill Starter SetThe top spot for best carbide-tip drill bits goes to the Bosch HCBG500 blue granite starter set because of its top quality diamond ground carbide tips. This material helps the Bosch penetrate almost any surface your drill touches and does it with super-speed. If you are doing any masonry or concrete drilling, you’ll definitely want to add the Bosch HCBG500 to your drill bit arsenal.

These bits are made to drill deep. Most often when working with hard materials like concrete you’re looking to drill deeper than average holes, and these are made for just that. The carbide edges have a very high heat tolerance as they’ve been brazed at high temperatures. That and they resist breaking much better than most other bits.

Blue granite bits drill up to 30% faster than your typical masonry drill bits

Expect to drill faster than your typical masonry bits, as blue granite drill bits are designed to drill up to thirty-percent faster. Faster drilling = less work = longer drill lifespan. Combining blue granite with carbide tips also gives this Bosch set is suitable for impact drilling at high speeds.


9. Best Jobbers Drill Set – Drill America

Jobber Drill Bits

Drill America Cobalt Steel Jobber Set is our top pick for this category. Jobber drill bits are used to drill hols up to 14 times larger than the drills diameter and are very common these days. If you happen to need a steel jobber drill bit set than have a look at why Drill America should be your go to.

Drill America Jobber bits

If you’ve drilled with lackluster bits before, you know clogging is a real issue. This set has 135-degree self centering split tip points, which means there’s no need to pilot your hole. The chips it will make are tiny – which means less debris clogging up your bit – which means faster drilling and less time.

These metal drill bits last longer with less clogging.

Did you catch the long lasting part?? These steel jobber bits are meant for constant heavy use, so expect them to have a long lifespan. The nice cobalt steel construction gives them a durable and wear resistant structure, while the gold oxide finish adds another layer of wear-resistance and lubrication.


10. Best Brad Point Drill bits – Fisch

Fisch - FSF-134893 FSF-328094 3 - 10mm Set of Chrome Vanadium Brad Point Drill Bits, 8-Piece
233 Reviews
Fisch - FSF-134893 FSF-328094 3 - 10mm Set of Chrome Vanadium Brad Point Drill Bits, 8-Piece
  • Optimized spurs insure fast and easy cutting of the wood fibers before the hole is drilled
  • Beveled edge leads to clean drilling of the diameter without any deviation

Brad Point Drill BitsComing in on top for the best brad point bits is the Fisch FSF-328094 Drill Bits. Best used for drilling clean and precise holes, this set is typically best when drilling wood material, but is versatile enough to be used on acrylic glass, laminates, and MDF.

These bit tips are spurs, made to penetrate the wood surface before you actually start drilling, which makes the faster and straighter. The beveled edges create clean holes through and through, and the 8-piece set ranges in size – from 3 to 10 mm.

Fisch Chrome 8 bits

Vanadium Brad Point

Chrome vanadium steel was used in the construction of these brad point bits, a very hard type of steel. This steel increases their drilling versatility because of their natural strength and the chromium does a great job adding to their corrosion and abrasion resistance.


11. Best Socket Screwdriver Bits for Electronic Repairs – iFixit Pro

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit - Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair Kit
12,663 Reviews
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit - Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair Kit
  • COMPLETE: This ultimate DIY kit includes essential electronic device repair tools, like the iFixit Jimmy,...
  • UNIVERSAL: Huge variety of bits designed to fix devices like iPhone, PC laptop, MacBook, iPad, camera,...

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit If you’re looking for screwdriver bits, the IFIXIT Pro Tech 64-bit driver kit is the best bang for your buck. With 64 specialty bits included you’ll have more than enough to repair and deconstruct any sort of modern electronic device – especially covering smartphones, tablets, and computer repairs.

If you haven’t already heard of iFixit, it’s an internet community with great manuals and content (written by the community) on how to repair almost any modern electronic you can think of. This bit kit is the culmination of 5 years of data, creating the best screwdriver bits for electronic repairs on the market.

Electronic Smartphone Repair Screwdriver Kit

If you’ve ever tried repairing a computer or smartphone you may have seen how companies lock their devices to make them tamper proof. This kit has specialty pieces which cover the majority of these ‘tamper-proof’ screws used on electronics, so no repair is off limits to you. Pair this with the iFixit lifetime warranty their offering and you have yourself the best toolkit for electronic repairs available.


12. Best Value Nut Driver Set – VIM Tools

VIM Tools NS100 12-Piece SAE Power Drive Nut Setter with Magnetic and Hollow Point Drivers
210 Reviews
VIM Tools NS100 12-Piece SAE Power Drive Nut Setter with Magnetic and Hollow Point Drivers
  • 6 piece magnetic drivers 1/4 inch thru 9/16 inch
  • 6 piece hollow body nut setters 1/4 inch thru 9/16 inch

Hollow Point Power Drivers

With 12-alloy steel nut driver bits included in this value bit set, the VIM Tools NS100 stands at the top spot for those who need a quality nut setter. Anyone working on hex-head sheet metal screws and/or small nuts will find the VIM, with magnetic and hollow point drivers, the perfect option.

Since this kit includes both magnetic nut setters and non-magnetic/hollow body nut setters it will work perfectly with any cordless impact driver or hand driver. This driver bit set ranges from 1/4 inches to 9/16 inches.

This nut driver set is also very durable for the toughest impact driving jobs. They’re made of steel alloy which has been cold forged and heat treated, so you know they’re tough. If that’s not enough, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty with this particular set, so expect it to be the last set you’ll ever need to buy.


13. Best Screwdriver Set for Cheap – Dewalt DW2166

DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case, 45-Piece (DW2166)
67,328 Reviews
DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case, 45-Piece (DW2166)
  • Connectable accessory storage system to optimize storage space of the drill bits set
  • Patented bit-bar design of DEWALT bit set allows easy removal of bits and customizable placement

cheap screwdriving setSearch your couch for loose change and use that to pick up the Dewalt DW2166 45-piece Screwdriving Set. This set is truly budget friendly, but by no means does it’s incredible value mean it’s any less than a top quality screwdriver bit set. Included in this set are 45 different bits, so it should cover 99% of all your screwdriving work.

This cheap screwdriver bit set includes all the most common bits you’ll need – Phillips, square, double-ended, slotted – it’s all there in a neatly organized hard shell carrying case. There’s 45 pieces included, so whether you need a screw bit kit regularly or just want an emergency set for the household, this budget set is perfect to pick up.


14. Best Spade Bit Set – Bosch Daredevil

BOSCH DSB5013P 13-Piece Daredevil Spade Bit Set in Pouch,Blue
2,480 Reviews
BOSCH DSB5013P 13-Piece Daredevil Spade Bit Set in Pouch,Blue
  • Features a Full-Cone Threaded Tip for Fast and Effortless Drilling
  • Contoured paddle for fast chip removal

blue spade drill bitsIf you carried a satchel of blue-tipped arrows it would probably look something like the Bosch Daredevil Space Bits. This ranks as the best spade bit set not only because they look great, but because they make very clean flat-bottomed holes efficiently and effortlessly.

Bosch Daredevil bits allow for faster and more forceful drilling when compared with average spade bits because of their patented full-cone threaded tips they use. This is the #1 reason that these spade drill bits trump the competition.

It’s easy to clog up holes during your drilling jobs, but this spade bit set actually makes cleaner holes with their innovative spur and reamer construction. The bits use a contoured paddle design (which is the blue area) to bring chips and clutter out at high speeds. This means faster drills and cleaner holes. A higher chip speed often means slippage, but thankfully the hex shank power groove implemented in the bit design makes this a rare occurrence.


15. Best Countersink Bit Set – Irwin Tools Speedbor

Irwin Tools 1882792 SPEEDBOR Countersink Wood Drill Bit, 8-Piece
212 Reviews
Irwin Tools 1882792 SPEEDBOR Countersink Wood Drill Bit, 8-Piece
  • Tapered drill with widened flutes for drilling fast, clean pilot holes
  • Adjustable four-cutter counter bore cuts and clears chips quicker for fast, smooth countersinking

Top Countersink bitsGetting the perfect pilot hole is crucial to any serious project, and Irwin Tools Speedbor 8-piece wood drill bits are the best countersink bits for the job.

The included 8 countersink drill bits should cover all sizes of pilot holes, getting you a quicker and cleaner hole.

The best part about these is the adjustable counter bores. This will let you will let you control the pilot holes depth when drilling with the countersink drill bits. Pilot holes generally have specific measurements, so take advantage of the Irwin tools Speedbor set to make perfect pilot holes with a tight fit.

Countersink Wood Drill BitThe counter bore and stop collar are also easily attached by 2 hex screws, giving you the right bore depth and faster countersinking without the worry of messing up!


Drill Bit Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Bit

Best Drill Bits


This buying guide is going to cover drill bits from A to Z. If you consider yourself a complete beginner (don’t know what a drill bit is or how to choose the best drill bits) start from here, however if you know a bit (pun intended) about bits, use the table of contents to jump to the information you need.

What is a Drill Bit?

Drill BitThe best drill bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are typically used to create circular holes into all sorts of material.  Bits are attached to the end of a power drill (see how to use a power drill)to allow them to work through materials such as steel or wood (using rotation).  Drill bits are held in place by the shank of the chuck.

Shank – inside the chuck, holds the bit in place

Chuck – the rotating front end of the drill

There are standardized sizes for metal drill bits, so as long as you know the size of screw you need there will be a bit that fits. If you happen to need a non-circular hole there are special drill bits for that as well.

drill bit anatomy

A drill sometimes refers to the actual drilling machine itself and/or can refer to the drill bit the machine uses. For the sake of this article, a drill will refer to the drilling machine and a drill bit or bits will be the bit/screw head the machine uses.

What Are Drill Bits Made of?

Choosing the right drill bit for the job depends greatly on the material you’re going to drill. A lot of harder bit materials like carbide are great for drilling through very hard surfaces, but are actually more likely to break if the drill is not held at a consistent angle (hand-held drills). Below are a few of the most common drill bit materials you may need.

Steel Drill Bits

Not all steel drill bits are the same – there are actually a few different types of steel to choose from.

Low-carbon steel drill bits are softer and  inexpensive, but usually don’t stay sharp (hold their edge) for long periods. Expect to sharpen these often. Steel drill bits are generally used for wood drilling only. You’ll find just drilling hard wood over soft wood with steel drill bits shorten their lifespan considerably.

HSS High Speed Cobalt Drill Bit
HSS Drill Bit

High-carbon steel drill bits last longer due to higher durability. These bits are great for wood and metal drilling, but overheating (due to drilling friction) can soften their cutting edge.

HSS, or high-speed steel drill bits, are very hard and very heat-resistant. Almost always the choice of steel as they are great for drilling metal and harder woods at much higher speeds then the previously mentioned steel bits.

Cobalt steel is a HSS made to contain more cobalt. Cobalt steel drill bits stay harder when drilling at high temperatures, but are actually more brittle than the typical HSS bits. Cobalt steel bits are used to drill hard materials such as stainless steel.

Drill Bit Coatings

Drill bits are often covered with a coating to increase strength, longevity, keep their edges sharp, avoid rust, and lubricate the bit for a more accurate hole. Below are the most common coatings you’ll find on the best drill bits.

Black Oxide Bit Coating
Black Oxide Coating

Black Oxide – A common and inexpensive option. This adds a layer of lubrication for heat resistance and protects against corrosion. A common coating to increase the life of steel bits.

Titanium Nitride – Hard ceramic that typically coats a high speed twist bit. Extends the cutting life of a drill bit greatly, usually three of four times (even helps after sharpening).

Titanium Aluminum Nitride – Similiar to titanium nitride, except it extends a drill bits usability even longer (around five plus times).

Diamond Powder Drill Bit Coating
Diamond Powder Coating

Diamond powder coating – Typically added for cutting very very hard materials, such as stone or tile. It makes the drill bit more abrasive, resembling sand paper (but extremely hard). This coating creates a huge amount of heat due to the friction created, so expect to cool the bit after each use to prevent damage and increase the bits longevity.

Zirconium nitride – The popular bit brand Craftsman uses this for it’s golden color.

With so many materials to choose from it may be overwhelming. Start with understanding what material you’re planning on drilling and then find the proper drill bit material to match. Once you’ve found the best drill bits material, find the shape of bit for drilling your material.

Drill Bit Angles and Shapes

The majority of drill bits for regular consumer purchase consist of a straight shank. The best drill bits for more intensive industrial drilling have a more tapered shank,  would be chosen. There are a few other types of shank shape, such as hex-shaped drill bits and a few other proprietary release bits.

However, the most common characteristics you’ll find in drill bits will be:

Wood Twist Drill Bit
Wood Twist Drill Bit

Spiral. This determines the rate of twist. In a drill bit the rate of twist determines the rate and size of chip (material) removal. A high spiral will remove larger chips, while a low spiral will have a higher cutting speed. These low spiral bits are used for materials such as aluminum or copper, or materials which tend to clog up the drilled hole.

Point Angle. The angle the tip of the drill bit has. The right point angle depends on what material you plan on drilling. Soft materials need a sharp point  and hard ones will need a larger point angle. Choosing the drill bit point angle is necessary for creating the proper hole shape.

Lip Angle. Gives the cutting edge support. A large lip angle helps create a more aggressive cut with less pressure versus a small lip angle. However, large isn’t always better, the proper lip angle is determines by the point angle. Example: A flat bit is quite prone to small changes in the lip angle. This is because of the smaller surface area the cutting edge provides.

Length. Mainly effects how deep of a hole you are able to drill, though also decides the drill bits stiffness and how accurate the hole will be. It makes sense that the longer the bit is the deeper the hole will be, but longer bits also allow for more flexibility. This could allow the bit to wander from the axis you want – aka. less accuracy.

To get the best results from your drill bit, you need to have proper geometry to match the material you’re drilling. Below is a chart* to help you choose the best drill bits for any material.

Drill bit Angles and Shapes

Work-piece material Point angle Helix angle Lip relief angle
Aluminum 90 to 135 32 to 48 12 to 26
Brass 90 to 118 0 to 20 12 to 26
Cast iron 90 to 118 24 to 32 7 to 20
Mild steel 118 to 135 24 to 32 7 to 24
Stainless steel 118 to 135 24 to 32 7 to 24
Plastics 60 to 90 0 to 20 12 to 26

*Chart drilling information above is sourced from the Wikipedia

Different Bits For Different Materials

The type of drill bits that you use depend mainly on the materials you are using. Making holes in concrete, wood, and metal is the most common task for which drill bits are used, and in this article I will look at each of these materials to discuss which drill bits are best to use for each kind of task. If you know what you want to drill into but are unsure about which drill bits you should use for the job, this information will help you decide.

Drilling ConcreteConcrete Drill Bits

Concrete is an extremely solid material created by mixing various other materials. Common drill bits aren’t able to drill through concrete effectively, so you’ll need a more specialized bit – a masonry drill bit. Masonry bits are created to have a steel body and a carbide tip to give it enough strength and durability to effectively cut through concrete surfaces. Depending on the thickness of concrete you’re drilling through, a\using one of the best hammer drills is most often recommended. These drills use a jackhammer motion to repeatedly break into concrete effectively. Masonry drill bits are also recommended for similar materials such as brick and stone.

Drilling Metal

Metal Drill bits

How do you drill through metal? An insanely tough surface requires an even tougher bit. Cobalt bits are the drill bit to use in this case. They’re extremely strong and effective against metal as they’re made with HSS (high speed steel) and cobalt. Unlike wooden drill bits, where sharp tips are used, drill bits for metal often have a flatter, blunt tip.

When drilling metal, be sure to start with a properly lubricated tip and (depending on the size of metal) place a piece of wood underneath to avoid hitting your work surface underneath. These two things will greatly extend the life of your drill bits for hardened steel, aluminum, or other metals your drilling.

Drill Bits for Wood

Drilling Wood

There are actually multiple good options when picking a the best drill bits for wood. In most cases you’ll want to choose a high speed steel drill bit, as these drill bits are best for drilling all types of wood. For a more cost-effective solution, opt for simple steel bits. Though these simple steel bits aren’t recommended for hard wood drilling. Double check to make sure your wood drill bits have good flutes, as they will need it to remove chips and avoid clogging while drilling. As far as drill bit shapes; twist, flat wood, and auger bits are also great for wood depending on the hole shape you’re looking to drill.

These three materials are the most common materials for those needing drill bits, so look them over and you’ll find the best drill bits to drill though each. To the untrained eye all drill bits serve the same purpose, but often it takes the right bit to work on certain hard materials. It’s important to match the proper drill bit to the right material to avoid ruining the material, the bits, or the drill.

Drill Bit Types

There’s endless amounts of drill bit shapes, making it hard to know which type of drill bit is best for you. As long as you know what you’re drilling and what material you’re about to drill, it’s easy to get the right shape of bit. These are the most common drill bits you’ll find on the market today.

Twist drill bits

twist drill bit

I’d be surprised if you have never come across these bits. It’s the most commonly produced shape today and are a great shape for using on almost any material, eg. wood, plastic, metal, etc… Since they’re so affordable, twist bits are found in many styles and variations and have become a staple in the drill bit market. The twist shape is used for cutting smaller holes rather than large ones. The only downside is you’ll have to remove the bit while drilling to avoid any material clogging the bits rotation.

Countersink Drill bits

Countersink drill bit

These bits are used most commonly with softer materials like plastic or softer woods. These bits are used to create countersink or counter-bore holes which allow for screw heads to fit in. Avoid using these on metals as they won’t work well.

Auger Drill bits

Auger Drill Bit

Often the best choice for those needing to drill deep or large holes in wood. The shape is designed to help remove large amounts of material while drilling so you can drill consistently without clogging. You wouldn’t use this sort of drill head in a hand-held power drill.

Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry drill bit

These bits are great for breaking though very hard materials like concrete or brick. They break the material while rotating and use the flutes to help remove excess materials. Due to drilling in hard surfaces, be sure to allow cool down and remove any dust or debris between usages.

Flat wood Drill Bits

flat wood drill bit

Also known as spade or paddle drill bits, they’re used to create a flat surface at the bottom of a hole (rather than the typical cone-shaped bottom). Easily recognizable with it’s flat blade shape and sharp pointed tip, this drill bit shape is best used for wood. The separate centered tip shape helps keep your position and create a continuous and accurate hole during drilling. There is a possibility of splintering occurring when using this drill shape, though drilling through from the other side is one way to avoid it if your initial hole has started to splinter.

Forstner bits

forstner drill bit

Forstner bits are mainly used with a drill press to create a flat bottom hole in wood, similar to a flat wood bit. A drill press is used as controlling the movement and position of the drill is very important. This bit needs constant cleaning as it doesn’t remove excess material like a twist bit would do.

Tile Drill Bits

tile drill bit

To reduce cracking, these drill bits for tile implement a sort of spear shape to safely drill through hardened and brittle materials such as ceramics or tiles. While this shape is a safer alternative, use power drills at slower speeds as cracking is still a possibility. If you’re using this bit shape for drilling glass, be sure to use a good lubricant to avoid any over-heating.

Hole Saw drill bits

Hole Saw Drill Bit

Use this shape when your looking to make a large width hole. These are easily recognizable bit shapes, as they look like a hollow cylinder with jagged edges on the bottom edge. Hole saw bits are the go-to bit when installing doors or creating wire holes.

Spur Point

spur point brad point drill bit

Spur point drill bits (also known as a dowel or brad point tip) help drill straight by having a sharp central tip surrounded by raised spurs. These bits are great to cut clean and accurate holes through wood materials

Best Drill Bits Comparison List


List # Product Best for Drilling Included Bits Price Warranty
1 Irwin Tools 29-piece metal index set Metal 29 $$$ Yes
2 Dewalt DW1361 titanium pilot point 21-Piece wood drill bit set Wood 21 $ Yes
3 VonHaus 100-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set with Titanium Coated HSS Bits All Materials 100 $ Yes
4 Drill America’s 29 Piece Cobalt Steel kit Steel/Jobbers 29 $$ Yes
5 Dewalt DW5207 is a premium 7-piece percussion masonry drill bit set Concrete 7 $ Yes
6 Bosch TI18 18-Piece titanium set Hardened Steel 18 $$ Yes
7 Tekton 2841 Electronic Repair Kit Electronic Repairs 100 $ Yes
8 Bosch HCBG500 blue granite starter set Masonry/Concrete 5 $ Yes
9 Fisch FSF-328094 Drill Bits Wood 8 $ Yes
10 IFIXIT Pro Tech 64-bit driver kit Electronic Repairs 64 $$ Yes
11 VIM Tools NS100 Driving Nuts 12 $ Yes
12 Dewalt DW2166 45-piece Screwdriving Set Light Screw-driving 45 $ Yes
13 Bosch Daredevil Space Bits Wood/Plastic 13 $$ Yes
14 Irwin Tools Speedbor 8-piece countersink  wood drill bits Wood 8 $$ Yes


Which Drill bit Should you Get? Lets Recap!

By now you should have a very good idea of which bit you need. We’ve covered what drill bits are made of, the various shapes they come in and their purpose, what size drill bit to use, and which drill bit is best for wood, metal, and other common materials. If you are still unsure of which bit to choose I suggest skimming the content above, watching the video about how to choose a drill bit below, or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you with my suggestion.

So now that we’ve covered the important information, let’s move on to another related and useful topic.

How to Choose a Screwdriver Bit

You’ve drilled it in, but now how do you get it out!? Here’s a quick overview of the types of screwdriver bits available to you. There are many types of screwdriver to choose from, and for each type you’ll need to choose the right screwdriver bit. Below you’ll find the brands and bits you’ll most often see in your search.

types of screw heads

Phillips. These screws are typically the ones you’ll see around the workplace or in most homes. You can usually identify a Phillips screw head by the recessed cross shape in the circular screw shape. They also have Phillips Tamper-Resistant screws. It’s unlikely you’ll see them around as they aren’t too common, but the difference is they have a tamper-resistant pin in the center of them.

Pozidriv. If you live in the USA you probably haven’t heard or seen these. They’re quite common in Europe and similar to the Phillips branded screws.

Slotted. The OG screw heads. Although they are not as common as they once were, a slotted screw drive has one straight recessed line through the top and will require a similar-sized screwdriver bit with a single straight flat blade.

Torx. These screw heads have the star shape on it (6 point recessed star). You’ll find these in all sorts of electronics and other complex devices. For the torx screw you’ll need a torx screwdriver bit.

Torx Plus. The torx plus screwdriver bit is essentially Torx version 2. It’s an update on the old design allowing for more torque to be applied, whether you drill fast or slow. It’s able to achieve this by having more contact between the driver and the screw head.

screw drivers

Robertson (The Square). These bits are square and fit recessed square screws. Their best feature is their resistance to cam-out, which actually make them a reliable choice over slotted and Phillips bits.

Tri-Wing. Three slots that spaced out evenly across the screw head. You’ll have to pick up a tri-wing screwdriver bit for these types, either as a set or individually.

Spanner. The snake eyes! These types of screw heads are characterized by the two holes on top, also known as a spanner. You’ll find they’re used in products where tampering is discouraged, such as certain electronic products.

Internal Hex. If you’ve ever been to Ikea you’ll know they use allen keys for the majority of their screws. Those screws are internal hexes, a hexagon shaped head. When an allen key just won’t fit you can use this bit to get to those hard to reach places.

Drywall bits. Drywall screw bits are similar to the common Phillips type, the only differentiating factor is the metal ring just under the top of the screw head. This ring is to stop you from screwing into the actual material (which would ruin the drywall!).

It’s very important to choose the correct screwdriver bit when unscrewing anything or you may end up with a stripped screw head. Many look similar and it may be hard to differentiate the right size screwdriver bits as they become smaller, but take the time to find the correct pieces and you’ll not only have an easier time, but you’ll avoid damaging situations in the future.



Picking the best drill bits for steel or wood or whatever material you’re drilling is fairly easy once you understand the basics of drill bits. If you’ve finished reading this guide and drill bit reviews you should now be able to understand which are the best drill bits and best screwdriver bits for your project.

Since there’s endless amounts of brands and options to choose from, I’ve written about the current best drill bits above to hopefully help you save some time and make an informed choice. If you have any feedback or questions please leave a comment below, or email me through the form on my contact page. Thanks for reading and good luck on your drilling adventures!