How to Clean and Organize your Truck Bed Tool Box (DIY Guide 2021)

Whether you work professionally in the field or just looking to store your tools safely away from prying eyes or weather, a toolbox is a fantastic accessory for your truck. Though if you’re not meticulous with your organization and cleaning, the most likely end up with the dirty unorganized mess all over your truck bed liner.

More often than not to pick up truck will have materials and gear in the back of the truck, which is why toolbox does an easy way of storing them out of the way of your cargo. There are also surprisingly handy for day-to-day jobs buy groceries. However, there are many different types of toolboxes to choose from, each requiring a different way to clean and organize them. The type of toolbox you get may be determined by the type of truck accessories you have, like a truck bed extender.

Depending on the toolbox you have, whether that’s one large truck toolbox or one with many compartments, getting into the habit of regularly organizing them will make life easier for you. Proper organization habits will also increase the lifespan tools and gear.

This article will cover a few easy steps you can take to keep a high cleanliness level and a beautiful organized truck toolbox at all times. We are going to get into serious cleaning (using phosphoric acid) so be sure to have the required safety gear if you plan on doing this step. After this article you’ll never have trouble finding the right tool again.

What to Bring for Cleaning

  • Toolbox in your Truck
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Protective Safety Gear
  • Cloth

How to Properly Organize your Tools

The number one reason to organize the tools in your toolbox is to free up in your truck. It will save you time from scrounging around in the back of your truck looking for that tool you can never seem to find. Some storage has small drawers and large drawers for different sized items. You want to match tools to the right drawer, ensuring the tool you put in the drawer won’t cause of the break.

If you have a side mounted toolbox (the ones that easily mount on the side rails of the truck bed) this will allow it of left over space in your truck bed (See; DIY – How to Install a Truck Tool Box).  Adding additional drawers to your tool box will make organization much easier, but depending on the toolbox this is an added cost.

Where to Start – Organizing Truck Tool Boxes

With so many truck tool boxes around in this market, this article can’t focus on a particular type. Instead use this as a general guide on how to clean and organize the best truck tool box. Although they may be different shapes with different storage capacities all these tips will be applicable to organize them.

What type of truck box do you have?

These truck boxes feature sliding trays. You want to really be conscious of which tools the place and what tray. Some of you may have a large toolbox underneath the best tonneau cover with a ton of space.. Layout the tools outside of the toolbox first and match them by purpose and size. If you been using these tools for long time this’ll be an easy job.

Organize the tools

once you’ve gathered your tools and categorize them begin placing them into the tray. The most frequent tools will want to be put into the most convenient easy to access spot. Be sure to pick a truck toolbox that is actually applicable to your needs and not just for looks.

Saving space

you don’t want your gear and toolbox to take up too much space on your truck bed, so you’ll have to organize your toolbox in a way that gives you free space. Keep in mind that hitch mount and trailer tongue toolboxes Are great for saving space in your truck bed.

Secure the toolbox

the securities these boxes provide is their best feature. Don’t skimp out on a toolbox that feels like you could break into it easily. Make sure the lid and handles are tightly secured and have a padlock ready for extra security.

Cleaning Truck Tool Boxes By Material

While cleaning is simple, different materials require different methods of cleaning. Here are the most common truck tool box materials and how to properly clean them.

How to Clean Aluminum Truck Tool boxes

Cleaning aluminum materials, specifically aluminum truck tool boxes, this done with phosphoric acid. Water the toolbox when you begin to remove dirt and debris, like you would a vehicle awning, but these sure its dry before you begin this process. Also, be sure to wear attractive clothing before you begin cleaning.

Pour phosphoric acid onto the aluminum toolbox. Initially, it will come out as a white colored. Don’t fret – once you wipe it away the toolbox will appear as a polished metal. Once are done wiping it down, try the box and clean it with water and a clean piece of cloth.

How to Clean Steel Truck Tool boxes

Steel is great as it’s very durable and very affordable. Steel is the top choice for those needing a very rugged toolbox that will withstand heavy-duty day to day usage. However, you should know how to clean it properly when you purchase one made of steel. Thankfully, it’s even easier to clean a steel organizer toolbox that it is an aluminum toolbox.

Simply use water and vinegar and give it a good scrub to get rid of scratches and tough debris. There are many brands that have cleaner specifically for steel, so you want to keep clean in a very shiny glossy finish consider getting one of these branded cleaners.

If you’re still toolbox is a bit dirtier than most peoples, covered with sticky or clogged coils, you’ll have to use a steam heating method to get rid of that particular type of stain. Set up and heated up and then leaving them to dry. Once it’s dried, pimply white them using clean paper or cloth materials.

How to Clean Plastic Truck Tool Boxes

Molded plastic toolboxes are always a good choice for your truck. They’re very lightweight and very affordable. Don’t mistake plastic for being weak. While they aren’t as durable as steel and aluminum they are still very strong for day-to-day uses. I think is a great choice and can simply be cleaned with Coca-Cola instead of a cleaner, which is also better for the environment. For a few drops of Coca-Cola and let sit for about 15 min. Then water it down and dry it with a piece of cloth.

Wrap Up

Cleaning and organizing your toolbox is an important task, but maybe not the most fun. Cleaning a toolbox will extend the lifespan of your toolbox and drop considerably, so don’t skip basic care. Organization is more for you, saving you time by making your life more convenient. Not to mention things just feel good when the clean. Depending on the toolbox you got, you may have different features or more efficient organization. Ultimately, when your toolbox is fixed and secured, cleaning and organizing will feel second nature for yourself and your truck.