6 Best Truck Awnings – (Vehicle Awning Reviews and Guide 2021)

If you’ve ever taken a road trip or had a camping experience, you know that sometimes the weather can get in the way. Whether it’s pouring rain, or the sun is just blazing hot that particular day, having the best truck awning for coverage and shade makes the whole experience more comfortable.

While there’s no one-size fits all solution when it comes to finding a suitable vehicle awning. Everyone’s going to have different preferences and conditions, but in this article you’ll find 6 truck awning reviews to make the decision easier for you.

The 6 Best Truck Awnings

  1.  ARB 4x4 Awning Retractable Awning (Our Top Pick)
  2.  Dobinsons 4x4 Roll Out Awning
  3.  ARB Awning - Side Windbreak
  4.  Tuff Stuff 4.5 X 6' Rooftop Awning (Our Budget Pick)
  5.  Rhino Rack Batwing Awning Right Side Mounting
  6.  Offroading Gear 6.5'L x 8'W Roof Rack


Our Pick for Best Truck Awning

ARB 4x4 Accessories 814101 Retractable Awning (ARB4401A) 2500x2500mm
146 Reviews
ARB 4x4 Accessories 814101 Retractable Awning (ARB4401A) 2500x2500mm
  • This awning may be too big for small cars, please measure the car before purchasing this over Awning 2000mm...
  • Mounts easily to the side of most roof racks or roof bars. Waterproof and uv protected

The ARB is our pick for the best truck awning you can get. It fits a 4×4 perfectly, is super easy to mount and use, providing excellent waterproofing and UV protection. Check out the full review below for a more in-depth look as to why this awning gets the number one spot.


Best Truck Awning Comparison List

ImageProduct NamePriceRating
truck awning diy1. ARB 4×4 AWNING – ACCESSORIES ARB4401A AWNING$$A+
ARB retractable van awning3. ARB AWNING – SIDE WINDBREAK 2100

truck camper awning ideas5. RHINO RACK BATWING AWNING RIGHT SIDE MOUNTING 33200

truck awning

Best Vehicle Awning Reviews

Best Side awning

1. ARB 4×4 Awning – Accessories ARB4401A Awning

ARB 4x4 Accessories 814101 Retractable Awning (ARB4401A) 2500x2500mm
146 Reviews
ARB 4x4 Accessories 814101 Retractable Awning (ARB4401A) 2500x2500mm
  • This awning may be too big for small cars, please measure the car before purchasing this over Awning 2000mm...
  • Mounts easily to the side of most roof racks or roof bars. Waterproof and uv protected

The ARB is the perfect side 4×4 pickup truck awning. It is super easy to mount on the side of any truck with roof bars or a roof rack and extends to provide a water proof and UV protected experience.

Best Truck Awning

The awning is rather long (around 2000 mm long), so probably not the best car awning, but should fit just about any truck and mid-size SUV.

The awning itself retracts into a PVC polyester cover and is then secured into a very tough nylon bag, which is also PVC reinforced. Simply pull it out and rope the legs into the begs. Instructions are included with this kit, as well as all required nuts, bolts, and pegs to securely fasten the side truck roof top awning. Set up takes 30 seconds, so spend more time relaxing!


Best 4×4 Pickup Truck Awning

2. Dobinsons 4×4 Roll Out Awning 6.5FT x 9.8FT Medium Size, Includes Brackets and Hardware

Dobinsons 4x4 Roll Out Awning 6.5FT x 9.8FT Medium Size, Includes Brackets and Hardware
13 Reviews
Dobinsons 4x4 Roll Out Awning 6.5FT x 9.8FT Medium Size, Includes Brackets and Hardware
  • Measures 2.0M (6.5FT) against the vehicle, extending out 3.0M (9.8FT) away from the vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof, Breathable Ripstop 420D PU Oxford Polyester

pickup truck awnings review

The Dobinsons brand truck awning is probably our favorite pick for a pickup truck awning.

Measuring in at 2 meters (6.5 feet) against the vehicle and up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) extended, this truck awning is super tough. It offers a breathable polyester rip resistant awning material that also is waterproof.

This truck canopy can be mounted on either side of the vehicle and is extremely easy to install and unpack. It’s not an automatic option, but manually opening it is a quick and painless job.


Best Roof Rack Awning for Camping

3. ARB Awning – Side Windbreak 2100

ARB 813403 Windbreak Side 2100 Windbreak
44 Reviews
ARB 813403 Windbreak Side 2100 Windbreak
  • Designed to suit all ARB Model Awnings, no matter which size you have!
  • Manufactured from lightweight PU coated 300gsm poly cotton canvas, Same Fabric than all ARB Awnings

A car awning is a fantastic way to get out of the sun, but won’t shield you from any wind. The great feature about the ARB awning here is it’s extra awning walls that reach from the floor to the roof top, protecting you from most heavy winds.

Not only does this help protect you from wind (and flying sand!), the extra walls also help secure the truck awning with 4 extra tie down points and a resistance to upward drafts. Couple that with a UVP 50+ sun protection rating, you’ll be extra protected from all the elements.

If you plan on taking your vehicle and this jeep wrangler awning (or larger vehicle) into any sort of unpredictable or intense weather (see: best truck bed liner), you may want to pick up this windproof pickup truck awning for your camping adventures.


Best Rear Awning for Jeeps and Trucks

4. Tuff Stuff 4.5 X 6′ Rooftop Awning

Tuff Stuff Overland 4.5 X 6' Rooftop Awning
34 Reviews
Tuff Stuff Overland 4.5 X 6' Rooftop Awning
  • ✅Manufactured from high quality polyester/cotton windproof fabric, Heavy duty zipper.
  • ✅The best water shedding ability on the market, 4 total support arms.

best SUV vehicle awningTuff Stuff is a top quality roof top awning that is great for any sort of trip. It works with any roof rack mount that can support the weight of a rooftop awning. This truck awning is really comfortable, providing great shade coverage and an easy and convenient setup. With around 6 feet extended and 4.5 feet across, this rooftop awning is the perfect travelling addition to even the most secluded locations you can get with your camper.

There’s a few different ways to install this awning, the first (and arguably best) being the universal L bracket system that’s included with the TuffStuff Awning. Some previous buyers of this model mount it to their roof, while others their roof racks, and some install this truck rooftop awning on their vehicles rail system on the tent. You could even drill directly through the best roof top truck bed tent base floor to secure and mount this particular awning.

If you find you’re out in the wilderness often, are an avid camper, or just looking for a comfortable camping experience, the Tuff Stuff rooftop Awning is a great, rugged addition to any vehicle.


Best Foxwing Awning for Vehicles

5. Rhino Rack Batwing Awning Right Side Mounting 33200

foxwing awning

If you’re looking for the largest vehicle awning possible, the Rhino Rack Batwing delivers with it’s huge Foxwing awning style. This Jeep awning (or any car/truck for that matter) offers full 270 degree coverage (both the side and the rear/tailgate are covered). Total shaded area is 11 square meters, or 118 square feet.

The material is lightweight and both water and mold resistant. It’s full UV 50+ sun protected, so you’ll be safe from harmful rays all day long.

The legs on this awning fold out, so there’s no poles to install, simply pop them out and use the included ropes and pegs to secure them down. It’s large enough that it will shade your bed extenders with ease. They can be tucked back in and retracted while fully extended, doesn’t get easier than that.

Extras included in the bag are 10 pegs, 8 ropes, 4 hooks, 2 brackets, 2 spare hinge knuckles. This unique design is the best awning for tailgate parties or any even with a large group of people.

Best Retractable Awning for Trucks/Cars/Suvs

6. Offroading Gear 6.5’L x 8’W Roof Rack 4×4 Awning w/Free 6.5′ Front Extension Car/SUV/Truck – Dark Beige

Offroading Gear 4x4 SUV Roof Rack Awning (Retractable) w/Free Side Extension | 6.5' x 6.5' |...
171 Reviews
Offroading Gear 4x4 SUV Roof Rack Awning (Retractable) w/Free Side Extension | 6.5' x 6.5' |...
  • SUV VEHICLE AWNING- The Offroading Gear Awning provides a rugged awning to nearly any vehicle. It will keep...
  • Includes FREE 6.5' Front Wall Extension ($80 Value) - Great for extending your awning, providing additional...

Offroading Gear Roof Rack Extension Car SUV Truck

Looking for a highly versatile awning that just works? Whether you’re at the beach, camping, or having a mid-day picnic, the Offroading Gear Truck, SUV, and Car Awning is the best vehicle awning for just that. Stay cool in the hot sun and dry in the pouring rain with this roof rack awning.

There’s various sizes to choose from, the largest side awning extending over 8 feet from the vehicle. The extra wall is included free of charge to provide you with some extra weather protection.

This truck awning pops out and is fully secured in minutes, if not seconds. It’s a great addition to any SUV, Jeep, Truck, Van, or car – so basically everything! It’s constructed from tough aluminum, making it the perfect balance of lightweight and durable material. The best part about this awning is that it includes a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, an offer many other brands don’t include.

Truck Awning Buyers Guide

How to Choose the Best Truck Awnings – Buyers Guide

First, let’s cover the two most common and best pickup truck awnings on the market currently:

suv awning canadaStraight Awnings

These are most common type of awning is the straight awning, which is most often what people imagine when they think of car, truck, or SUV awnings.

You’ll find the straight awning is the best value canopy you can get, offering a fantastic value for the cost. They are the cheapest option for truck awnings (and car or SUV awnings for that matter). There are additional options that some brands offer with their truck awnings – extra rooms, walls, mosquito nets, and more. These extra options can easily be stored in a truck tool box. Since the best truck awnings are so simple to mount they are highly versatile for many situations. Simple pull out/extend the truck camper rear awning from it’s case and you’re set up and ready to enjoy your day.

Wing Awnings

Wing awnings are generally set up with a pivot point to cover both (or either) the back and the side. You may hear these sorts of awnings referred to as a 270 degree awning. If you’re looking to cover a truck tailgate (with or without a truck tonneau cover), consider the popular (and much bigger) Batwing style. Covering the tailgate is great if you’re looking to cook or set anything up off the back of your truck.

These wing truck awnings also offer the options of walls and mosquito netting, and is a better choice than the straight awning for those who are looking for a large amount of coverage or have larger groups.

How to Choose a Vehicle Awning

truck awning canopiesWhile the choice itself is fairly simple, there are a few factors to keep in mind before you go ahead and choose an awning to mount to your vehicle.


If you’re mainly a camper (and plan on camping often) and will be cooking or in the back side of your truck/SUV for longer periods, consider a rear awning. Compare the coverage of the Rhino Batwing and the ARB Awning. Both great products, but huge differences in surface area covered.

For camper vans or if you’re just relaxing nearby your vehicle, a side awning may be your best bet.

What Vehicle Are you Mounting the Awning?

smittybilt retractable awningWhile this article and the truck awning reviews are focused on trucks and larger vehicles, maybe you’re looking to mount yours on something different. Fear not, if you properly install the awning, there’s really no reason to worry about which one you choose (unless you have a very small car). So goo ahead install that 4×4 roof rack awning DIY or a jeep retractable roof top awning, they’ll all work.

Awnings are most popular on camper vans, full size SUV’s and mid size SUV’s, but truck awnings are getting more popular as well.

Wrap Up

On of these best truck awnings makes the perfect addition to any Vehicle – Truck, SUV, or Camper – looking to stay out of the elements all season long. Picking a truck awning should be a breeze after reading these truck awning reviews and our guide on how to pick the best truck awning. If you need any more help in this decision, feel free to reach out or leave a comment below. With all that camping you’re doing, remember to keep your truck clean! Also, if you have any information you would like to add to the article send us a message. Happy camping!