7 Best Truck Bed Extenders: Fit Lumber, Kayaks or ATVs (Reviews 2021)

For those lucky enough to sport a pickup truck, you already know you have a ton of room for hauling cargo. But, is it really enough? There’s always a time when you’ll want that little bit of extra space. Opt for the best truck bed extender and you’ll be able to toss in more cargo than ever before! Motorcycles, extra-long kayaks, riding lawnmowers, there will be no cargo to big or too long now.

This article will cover the top 7 truck bed extender reviews as well as a handy buyers guide. The buyers guide (found below) will cover everything you need to know when buying a truck bed extender so you can make an informed choice.

Best Truck Bed Extender Comparison List

ImageProduct NamePriceRating
who makes the best truck bed extender1. DARBY INDUSTRIES 944 EXTEND A TRUCK$A-
best truck bed extender for kayaks2. LUND 601021 FOLDING HITCH MOUNTED TRUCK BED EXTENDER F150$$A
truck bed extender comparison list4. FORD BED EXTENDER FOR 2017/2018 SUPER DUTY F150 & F250




Best Truck Bed Extender

1. Darby Industries 944 Extend A Truck

Darby Industries 944 Extend-A-Truck
874 Reviews
Darby Industries 944 Extend-A-Truck
  • Designed for secure and safe hauling of long loads
  • Features a 4 Feet wide support

Darby is a popular choice of truck bed extender, designed with security of the payload in mind. It’s great for extra long loads that are behind the vehicle or up above. The four-foot wide support pole and bed extension include a red flag, and the adjustable top allows for easy roof top hauls. This particular extender is easily stored in your back seat or truck bed when you don’t need it.

This extender can be mounted onto most 2 inch trailer hitches, so it can actually be used on a wide variety of vehicles (not just trucks). However, those with a truck bed or roof rack will definitely get the most out of this extender since they can handle extra long and wide loads (don’t damage your truck bed, make sure you have the best bed liner for protection). Construction-wise, this is an extremely durable product. The powder-coated steel is incredibly strong, so no need to worry about it snapping anytime soon.

truck bed extender


  • Super easy install
  • Fits Various Vehicles (Not just Trucks)
  • Easily removable and stored
  • Very Durable Steel


  • Stability isn’t the best (recommend buying anti-rattle kits)
  • Box is weak (could be banged around)


2. Lund 601021 Folding Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender F150

Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender, Black
403 Reviews
Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender, Black
  • Allows to carry extended length cargo
  • Provides additional 7 inch ground clearance

You’ll most often find trucks in Canada rocking the Lund Hitch mounted Bed extender. Pile on extended loads, whether that means surf boards in the West coast or Snowmobiles in the East. Long loads are the Lunds specialty here, an extender that has 7 feet of steel to create the ultimate durable extender bar.

The bars unique design does more than just look pretty, it actually acts as a spring, flexing with the trucks suspension. This avoids slapping and damaging the cargo, as well as extending the life of this bed extender greatly.

The width of the top post (the thing that looks like a football goal post) can adjust between 27 and 49 inches, making it easy to hold material of various widths, whether that’s thin wood planks or large sheets of drywall. It claims to be able to handle up to seven hundred and fifty pounds, so careful with those big ATVs or Snowmobiles. This is certainly a good choice of truck extender for those looking to haul long cargo safely, but if you’re looking to haul a lot of loose materials or equipment you’ll be better off with a U-shaped extender.

hitch mounted truck bed extender


  • Best Truck bed extender for long cargo
  • Adjustable ‘goal posts’ for various width cargo
  • Flexible steel design and build
  • 7 inches ground clearance


  • One of the more difficult extenders to install
  • Better options available for boxes/loose cargo


3. ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack Canoe Boat Kayak Lumber

ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack Canoe Boat Kayak Lumber w/Flag
2,221 Reviews
ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack Canoe Boat Kayak Lumber w/Flag
  • FEATURE: 100% Brand new and high quality. Manufactured using impact-resistant and durable steel. F...
  • PERFECT FOR LOADING: Weight capacity of up to 750 lbs. Adjustable Width: 29.5" - 49" Adjustable...

The Ecotric is a great folding truck bed extender for heavy loads, so if you’re hauling any long or heavy loads this is one to consider. It can handle up to 750 pounds and is adjustable in both width and height. Width can handle 28 inches up to 49 inches, while the height is adjustable between 4 and 10 inches.

A safety flag is included and safety reflectors are on the metal constructed bars. Width and height are easily adjusted by removing the pin and sliding the bars to your desired position. The biggest selling point on this Ecotric truck extender model is the price. It’s the most affordable and cheapest of the list, offering a fantastic value for a high quality truck bed extender.

canoe in truck bed


  • Very Affordable
  • Height and Width are easily adjusted
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Great for long cargo (Canoes, Kayaks, etc…)


  • Stability better on other products
  • Not ideal for lots of loose cargo or equipment


4. Ford Bed Extender for 2017/2018 Super Duty F150 & F250

HC3Z99286A40A Ford Bed Extender for 2017 Super Duty
22 Reviews
HC3Z99286A40A Ford Bed Extender for 2017 Super Duty
  • Rugged black fiberglass reinforced polypropylene cage flips outward and extends over the tailgate to provide...
  • When the cage is flipped inside the bed, it helps protect cargo from shifting.

For all those with a Ford model truck, whether that’s the ford f150, ford f250, or any other super duty truck, this model was made for you by Ford themselves. This model is made of an insanely durable reinforced polypropylene fiberglass material, built to last a very long time. It covers the tailgate, allowing for a full 18 inches of extra space in the truck bed, which is a surprisingly large amount. The cage is able to be flipped inside the truck bed as well, so it will also help stop the material/cargo from slipping and sliding around.

It’s very easy to install as well as easily removed for quick jobs. The Ford bed extender swings open from the middle section and rotates from the wall (side of the truck), keeping it either inside the bed or outside the bed. For those needing a little extra room and want it to be a perfect, worry-free fit in their ford truck, this ford f150 bed extender is your best bet.

truck bed extender for Ford f150


  • Insanely Durable
  • Made by Ford for Ford Trucks
  • Covers and secures truck bed when tailgate closed


  • Expensive option


5. Dodge Ram Black Aluminum Tailgate Bed Extender

Dodge Ram Black Aluminum Tailgate Bed Extender Mopar OEM by Mopar
356 Reviews
Dodge Ram Black Aluminum Tailgate Bed Extender Mopar OEM by Mopar
  • New Design Bed Extender extends the bed with tailgate down.
  • Straps engagetailgate latchessecure system

Drop the tailgate and enjoy another few feet of space with this U-shaped bed extender ideal for the Dodge Ram, sold by Mopar. The black aluminum frame is the material all the best truck bed extenders should be using. It’s lightweight, scratch resistant, and very strong. Install is incredibly easy – just attach it to the rear of the truck (on the tailgate) and it will pivot with the tailgate.

When opened it’s extended storage and when closed it’s a nice separator to hold loose materials in pace. Enjoy the 60-day return policy Mopar currently provides with this product, covering money-back and your original shipping price.

When flipped in, this truck bed extender is the perfect size to keep motorcycles, ATVs, and Snowmobiles stabilized and fits under retractable and tri-fold tonneau covers. So if you have a dodge Ram and you’re looking for a high quality product for carrying cargo big and small, this is the best truck bed extender for you.


  • Aluminum Construction is very lightweight and Durable
  • Made by Mopar for Dodge Trucks
  • Extended cargo when open, small cargo when closed
  • Great Warranty


  • Mid-Range Expensive
  • Not ideal for canoes and kayaks


6. AMP Research Toyota Tacoma Bed Extender

AMP Research 74811-00A Silver BedXTender HD Max Truck Bed Extender for 1998-2017 Nissan Frontier,...
311 Reviews
AMP Research 74811-00A Silver BedXTender HD Max Truck Bed Extender for 1998-2017 Nissan Frontier,...
  • Classic U-Shaped design for maximum cargo capacity
  • Flip it out with the tailgate open to gain up to 2-feet of enclosed cargo area or flip it inside and close the...

Amp is a very well-known brand in the truck accessories world. They consistently offer quality products and are usually the go-to brand for many truck owners. This Amp truck bed extender is designed ideally for Toyota Tacoma, but may fit other brand models too.

This model works very similarly to the Ford or Mopar Extender, extending the truck bed when open and offering a smaller cargo space (for groceries or equipment) when the tailgate is closed.This truck extender is easy to install and remove, so load up a motorcycle and add this on for added safety and room. It’s great for heavy duty jobs and day-to-day activities alike.

toyota tacoma truck bed extender


  • Made in USA
  • Durable construction
  • Best truck extender for Tacoma
  • Adds 2 feet of truck bed space
  • Comes in Silver and Black


  • Not made with wide loads in mind
  • Not ideal for kayaks and long cargo


7. ReadyRamp I-Beam Full-Sized Bed Extender & Motorcycle Ramp

ReadyRamp I-Beam Full-Sized Bed Extender/Ramp Black 100' Open 60' on Truck
58 Reviews
ReadyRamp I-Beam Full-Sized Bed Extender/Ramp Black 100" Open 60" on Truck
  • This patented Truck Bed Extender opens to become a motorcycle ramp capable of holding dirt bikes and
  • The ReadyRamp folds flat when not in use, and can be stored in the cab or on your garage wall

For those with motorcycles or need a ramp to load cargo – this ones for you. The patented system turns from truck bed extender to a truck bed ramp. It has all the features previously mentioned in the last 3 products, but has a shape that fits the tailgate better, allowing more space for extended cargo. If you need even more space, consider the best truck bed tool box. It fits most models of trucks – Ford f150, Tundra, Nissan Titan, and Chevrolet/GM, so you should be covered. Check the product page to be certain.

It can hold weights up to 600 pounds and easily folds away when not in use. Weighing in at only 20 pounds and offered in both silver and black, this is the best truck bed extender for any full-size truck!

truck bed ramp extender


  • Best truck bed extender for motorcycles and dirtbikes
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Light weight (20 pounds)
  • Better shape to fit more cargo
  • Fits almost any model of truck
  • Fold flat to store


  • Better options for extra long cargo and materials


truck bed extender reviews

How to Choose a Truck Bed Extender – Buying Guide

There’s a few things to keep in mind when searching for a truck bed extender. This buying guide will cover the important information you should know and make your bed extender purchase easier.

Types of Bed Extenders – Which extender do I need?

truck bed extender walmart

You likely already know why you want a bed extender – to haul larger and longer materials you couldn’t fit into your truck bed. Though are you planning on hauling more cargo or longer cargo? There’s two types of truck extenders you can opt for.

bed extender ram 15001. Standard

The standard extender is the one that looks like a tuning fork – a long pole that attaches to your trailer hitch. This is best for long and large material such as planks of wood, kayaks, and canoes. The fork will stand straight up when the tailgate is up, allowing things to be places onto the vehicles roof and also rest on the fork. This is great for kayaks and longer items (Camping? Check out the best truck bed tents). It also could be used as a taller cargo gate instead of having something on top of it.

When the tailgate is down however, the fork can be placed more horizontally, allowing for extra long and heavy cargo to be placed on it.

2. U-Shaped Bed Extender

A ‘U’ shaped extender attaches to the tailgate of the truck, essentially extending the truck bed. This is great if you need to add a few feet of room to the truck bed. It really allows you to pack in a lot more material or cargo. This U-shaped extender is best for lots of loose materials, boxes, or equipment.

canoe in truck bed 13. Bedside/Bed Loader Extender

These types of truck bed extenders include a hitch mount. These are able to attach to the hitch or the truck (the rear of the truck) and allow you to have a large load capacity that goes further than the tailgates original width. It goes inside the trucks bed and easily slides or rolls into it, allowing for a lot of material to be loaded. These are usually extendable, allowing you to set the material in various positions. This is a perfect type of truck extender if you have a lot of loose cargo, whether that be building materials, equipment, or other things.

4. Cargo Slide for Trucks

Easy Access is the defining words of this bed extender. It gives you added space – yes – but it also converts your truck bed into an awesome drawer type bed. You can slide this drawer out when you need added space and back in when you don’t. It locks into place in either position, providing you with an incredibly efficient and aesthetically pleasing truck bed extender.

Check Truck Compatibility

Unfortunately, bed extenders aren’t a one-size fits-all product. You’ll have to take the time to check the best bed extenders product page (usually each has an chart that tells you). Each bed extender has a different style, shape, and size – much like truck awnings – so it is very important you check before you buy an extender for your truck. If you already know your trucks make and model then it shouldn’t take more than a minute to do this.

Some models and manufacturers may claim that their product fits all trucks, but read the fine print, because it’s almost impossible for this to be the case. Even so, you’ll often find a better quality product when you decide to pick up a truck brand specific bed extender.

Bed Extender FAQ’s

best extender for truck bedWhat are Bed Extenders Made of?

A truck bed extender is constructed with various materials, this really depends on the brand and the product model you’re looking at. Plastic and metal are the common construction materials that are used when making this product, some use both. Aluminum is the material of choice. Aluminum bed extenders are corrosion resistant and offer a very durable construction. It also makes it much lighter than any other plastic or metal extenders on the market.

How do I Use and Store an Extender?

Each model and type of bed extender operates a little differently, although all-in-all they are very simple to use and install. Each product will include instruction manuals that will cover the installation process and how to use the installed product. Some models are permanent fixtures for your truck bed, while others are removable of can pivot to store themselves easily within the truck. Whichever style you choose will depend on your preference and what you’re using a truck bed extender for (Get extra room by installing a tool box).

Some models will require a few more components for improved usage, such as adapters for the hitch mount or something to control vibration. Consider the weight of what you’re hauling as not all extenders are able to handle the same amount of weighted cargo.

Is Installation Easy?

truck bed tailgate extensionThis varies from model to model, but it’s definitely something to consider when purchasing an extender. Generally, the rack style of bed extenders are easier to install, often able to be done by yourself. These rack kits will have detailed instructions attached to the extender itself and include mounting brackets.

Wrap Up

There’s seemingly endless amounts of brands, types, shapes, and sizes of truck bed extenders, making it hard to choose the best truck bed extender if you’re unfamiliar with the market. The guide above should cover the basics and get you started. Be sure to read the truck bed extender reviews and their product page descriptions for more information (and to make sure it fits on your truck!). If you have any questions or information you would like to add about the best truck bed extender, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me a message through the contact form on my site.