Truck Bed Extenders: Should You Get One?

Pickup trucks have a bed that is of a fixed size. When you roll-off the dealer’s lot, you know what the dimensions of your truck bed is. Now, for a lot of pickup truck owners, the bed that their truck came with is good enough for their present purposes.

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After all they have had enough opportunity to check out the pickup truck, it doesn’t really matter whether the vehicle was new or used. They gave it the once-over so they can have a good idea of its dimensions, they are also probably already known how much of a load their pickup truck’s bed can carry.

Here’s the problem. Coming in, you may think that you really only need so much space. In fact, indeed, if you are under the impression that you are going to need more cargo space, you probably would have gotten a larger truck with a bigger or longer bed.

At the time you bought your vehicle, you thought that you would only carries your loads or you will only needed so much space as far as your truck bed goes. But, just as the old saying goes, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”.

Why Do You Need A Truck Bed Extender?

Maybe your family grew, maybe you started with a small business that involved hauling or transporting equipment of materials. Whatever the case may be, your needs have changed to the point that you are looking at your truck bed as a limitation. It is simply just isn’t enough space there. So, what do you do in this situation? Well, a lot of people are under the impression that they really don’t have any other option than to sell their old truck and buy a new one.

Well, that’s kind of an extreme solution because we are talking about a potential loss of several thousand dollars. This is especially true if the truck is fairly new. As you would probably already know, the typical vehicle in the United States, drops in value by at least 25% the moment it is driven off the car lot. That’s how extreme the pricing issue is. So, its no surprise that a lot of pickup truck owners would rather use devices like the best truck bed extenders to give them more space and more bed space instead of taking the fairly extreme measure of having to sell their pickup truck.

What Do Truck Bed Extenders Do?

Truck bed extenders essentially just create more space in your truck so this way you can load more stuff and you can transport more cargo from point A to point B. Truck bed extenders work vertically to basically the wall of your truck bed is normally several inches from the bottom of the bed. You can increase the dimension so this means that you have a lot more cargo room. You can add several layers more of a cargo.

picking a truck bed extenderAnother way to extend your truck bed of course is horizontally. This means you are adding a panel that would lengthen your truck bed but generally speaking, the extender preferred by most pickup truck owners involve no radical change in the bed because the most extreme solution to your changed cargo requirements would be to essentially replace the bed. That is going to set you back several thousand dollars.

The better approach would be to just use a device that would extend the height or the length of your car bed. In fact, you could try to do both. The big challenge here is one of dimensions. In other words, you can just go with a solution that works for somebody with a smaller truck and that may now work for you. You need a solution that is specifically fitted for the dimensions of your particular vehicle. 

This is not always easy because you would have to go to a special shop and they would have to install the extender the right way with the right kind of equipment. If you were to do this yourself, you might not fasten the pieces properly and you might make your truck quite unsafe. The best case scenario is that the stuff that you put in there might roll around or get loose. The worst thing that can happen is that the extender might pop-off and this can lead to you dumping stuff in the road and this might cause all sorts of accidents.

You may want to think twice about doing things yourself as far as truck bed extenders go. As much as possible you might want to get the help of professionals who install, maintain and inspect these types of vehicle accessories. If you often carry oversized materials in your truck, you’re going to want to also fit your liner with a bed liner. You can easily do this yourself with one of the best DIY truck bed liners and have it done in a few hours.At the very least you can trust them to the extent that they have specialty equipment that would ensure that the accessories that the truck bed extenders they install are properly attached.

You don’t want to get an accident. You just don’t want to set in motion chain of events that will eventually leave you to pay thousands of dollars in a lawsuit or go through a nasty judgment when you don’t have to and a little bit of foresight you can go a long way and this is why it is a good idea to go with a truck bed extender package that is tried and proven.

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In other words, it accommodates a wide range of trucks and it has been installed many times before with minimal headaches. Usually your bed extender will come with an installation manual, but here’s a generic installation guide if you can’t find yours. The best part to all of this is that you will gain some measure of peace of mind because you would not be buying into a lawsuit if something goes wrong as far as the design or the installation of the accessory that you are buying.