Camping in Walmart Overnight Parking Lots: How to Find the Free Ones

The most common road trip worry is usually finding a safe and secure place to crash for the night. On top of that, finding a legal overnight sleeping spot within city limits often seems overwhelming or near impossible. On top of all that, if it’s a last minute accommodation it’s often hard to find reliable free campsites. So what are you supposed to do? Try camping in Walmart overnight parking lots.

Walmart Overnight Parking lot Camping

The staple of American department stores is more useful than it’s cheap camping supply offerings. They also allow vehicles of all sizes (from motor homes to cars to truckers) to stay the night whenever you need too. Free Walmart camping is a great option since it’s generally populated with a few others and very well lit, so a safe late night option if you need.

If you’ve rented an RV or are simply crashing on the best car air bed around, take advantage of this budget saving option. Refill your supplies in the day and crash in a Walmart parking lot at night!

Walmart Stores that Provide Overnight RV Camping

A ton of Walmart stores will allow overnight RV parking and you can double-check those RV camping locations here. There’s a few things to remember when you’re setting up camping, let’s call this RV camping etiquette 101.

  • Dry Camping’ is camping without electricity, water, or any sort of dump station, so plan accordingly.You’ll have to find another area to dump your tank as well as another place to refill water tanks. Though this information is obvious to most, it’s worth repeating.
  • Double-check where in the parking lot you’re parking, most have designated parking spaces for RVs and motor-homes. If you don’t check for this expect a late night visit from a security guard!
  • Keep it Clean! Free overnight parking is a godsend for a lot of people on a strict budget. If free parking lot camping starts to affect the Walmart image in a negative light, you can be sure that they’ll get rid of it. Be considerate and keep everyone a happy camper.

Walmart overnight ParkingThere’s many other places which allow free camping on the road. This website is actually a complete database of over 13,000 free rv and motorhome camping locations around North America (both USA and Canada). It’s easily searchable by location, although it does have an annual fee of around 25 dollars.

You’ll also find that other places offer similar free overnight parking such as casino’s and truck stop locations, so it doesn’t end at Walmart! Planning ahead is always best, but if you’re ever stuck now you can enjoy your trip on the road knowing there’s always a free camping spot for you.


Not All Walmart’s offer Free Overnight Parking

It’s worth repeating – While many Walmart’s offer free overnight parking, you’ll want to check again to make sure they allow camping. Some states have a blanket law against car camping so that makes all the free parking lots you may hear about unavailable to you. Stay safe and always double check!