Are Tonneau Covers Worth Buying?

how to pick a tonneau cover

If you have a pickup truck, there are many challenges up ahead. Now, you may be thinking to yourself; I bought a pickup truck so that I don’t have to worry about challenges. It can cross streams. It can navigate rough terrain. I can sleep on it in the middle of the night and not have to worry about the soggy ground. I can even camp on its rooftop if I am scared of some wild animal at ground level. 

It is granted that all these are the kinds of benefits that you will get with a typical pickup truck. But the problem is when you load any type of item on your bed, it’s only a matter of time until it gets scratched up. 

Why You Need a Tonneau Cover

As you probably already know, with anything made up of steel, stuff rusts. So nothing is more annoying than looking at the bed of your pickup truck–the same vehicle that you spent thousands of dollars for, and see a rusty mess. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of bucks on a bed liner. 

triple folding tonneau cover
A good cover will be feature-rich and durable

A lot of truck owners automatically jump to this conclusion. They think that if they want to protect their pickup truck’s bed, this means that they have to buy a bed liner. Whether it’s made out of rubber or hard plastic, it doesn’t matter. They automatically think that this is the solution to their potential bed issues. It’s all about protecting the top portion of their end. 

Well, the answer is not that simple. It may well turn out that you just need to protect your bed from moisture. In other words, even if these are some slight scratches on the surface of your pickup truck’s bed, it may not rust. 

It may handle the elements quite well, provided that you keep the moisture, and I’m talking about rain, away from the surface. Because the moment any kind of water pools on your pickup truck bed, it’s only a matter of time until those small nicks and scratches and scrapes on the surface get bigger and bigger. 

Before you know it, the moisture gets to the metal of your pickup truck bed, and rust appears. This is the thing that you’re most afraid of. 

Well, the good news is by just being proactive about putting some sort of cover on your pickup truck bed, you would keep moisture away. Even if you haven’t invested in a thick or thin bed liner, you’ll still be good to go. Seriously. Your bed’s surface would be adequately protected because water doesn’t pool. 

That’s what you’re trying to avoid. You don’t want that moisture to pool and set off rust. This is where the best tonneau covers for trucks come in. 

What Are Tonneau Covers Good For?

Tonneau covers were initially designed for cars. These are cars that don’t have a roof. These are convertible cars or cars that are exposed to the open. Generally speaking, the word tonneau means cask because a lot of these older cars were designed to carry barrels or some sort of cargo. 

A tonneau cover was designed as a thick, yet taut sheet that you can stretch to cover the open portion of the car and keep moisture from coming in to contact with that open portion. Well, not all cars are convertibles. The vast majority of cars have a hard roof. So for the most part, the traditional role of the tonneau has gone away, but tonneau covers are still quite popular among pickup truck owners. 

This is because they provide great covering and protection against moisture. This is especially true if you have not invested in a bed liner for your pickup truck. Your pickup truck bed is a vast area. All that surface area is begging for moisture from snow, hail, rain, or whatever source to accumulate. 

Before you know it, after pooling in certain areas, rust starts to appear. When you use a tonneau cover, you can use something made out of black plastic or black rubber, or you can use something more elegant that has some sort of leather design. 

Whatever the case may be, a tonneau cover is a good halfway measure in protecting your bed. If you are still on the fence regarding buying a camper shell or some fixed covering for your truck bed and you don’t have a bed liner, a tonneau cover is a good halfway solution. In fact, for a lot of truck owners, it’s a permanent solution because it fits their style. 

On the other hand, if you see yourself buying a truck bed liner in the future, a tonneau cover may be a good halfway solution. You might still be gathering the budget, or you’re just trying to get around to getting your truck bed measured and fitted with a truck bed liner. 

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Whatever your situation may be, going with a tonneau cover can give you the flexibility and versatility you need to protect your truck bed surface from excessive moisture adequately. It can go a long way in preventing rust. 

Make no mistake. Rust is bad news. The moment rust develops on your truck bed, its valuation might take a hit, so keep that in mind. A little bit of style goes a long way. If you’ve seen a Porsche with a tonneau cover, you already know that well designed leather versions of this type of cover pack quite a bit of an impact. Doesn’t your truck deserve the same look?